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Jul 20, 2019




How to create a new Local Champ icon
Steps to follow
Step 1 Download the template ZIP file to start from. If you prefer to start from scratch scroll down and take a look at the Icon File specs
Template file
to start from

Step 2 Modify the .PSD file included to reflect colors and shape (or a well known image) of your country
Step 3 If needed, modify the words "Local Champ" at the bottom of the image. Please do it only if it's absolutely needed: we prefer to have a common layout across all countries, and the "Local Champ" text is a crucial component of this layout.
Step 4 Export or save the icon in the format specified in the next section.
Step 5 Send both files (the .PSD file and the .PNG file) to dev [at] waze [dot] tools
Icon file specs
File Type PNG
Color Depth PNG-24 with Transparency
Dimensions 70x70 pixels