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Common Waze Signatures for Forum Use
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Dec 03, 2017




These icons are free for everyone
Your status Normal Version Small Version
Baby Editor
1 cone


Junior Editor
2 cones


Area Manager
3 cones


Advanced Editor
4 cones


Senior Editor
5 cones


Monster Editor
6 cones


These icons are free for everyone
Please use your real edits count
If you have... Shield Icon Short URL
10000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0010.png
25000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0025.png
50000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0050.png
75000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0075.png
90000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0090.png
100000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0100.png
125000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0125.png
150000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0150.png
175000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0175.png
200000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0200.png
300000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0300.png
400000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0400.png
500000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0500.png
600000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0600.png
700000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0700.png
800000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0800.png
900000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s0900.png
1000000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s1000.png
1500000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s1500.png
2000000 edit or more https://s.waze.tools/s2000.png
These icons are for Champs, Experts and Beta Testers only
Global Champs
Role Icon Short URL
Global Champ https://s.waze.tools/gc.png
Local Champs
Role Icon Short URL
Local Champ - Belgium https://s.waze.tools/lcbe.png
Local Champ - Brazil https://s.waze.tools/lcbr.png
Local Champ - Germany https://s.waze.tools/lcde.png
Local Champ - Hungary https://s.waze.tools/lchu.png
Local Champ - Italy https://s.waze.tools/lcit.png
Local Champ - Nicaragua https://s.waze.tools/lcni.png
Local Champ - Poland https://s.waze.tools/lcpl.png
Local Champ - Qatar https://s.waze.tools/lcqa.png
Local Champ - Russia https://s.waze.tools/lcru.png
Local Champ - UAE https://s.waze.tools/lcae.png
Local Champ - USA https://s.waze.tools/lcus.png
Waze Experts
Role Icon Short URL
Waze Expert https://s.waze.tools/xprt.png
WME Beta Tester https://s.waze.tools/beta.png
If you want to add your local or customized icons
please follow these instructions. Thank you.
HowTo (Guidelines)
How to use these signatures
» Look at the desired image. Select and copy the image ShortURL.
» Go to the "Edit signature" section on the Waze Forum by clicking here.
» Paste in the TextBox the following line:
» Cross your fingers and click on "Submit"

Suggested use and sequence of the icons in your signature
Global Champ Local Champ Waze Expert Beta Tester Number of edits Your Rank (number of cones)
use only
if you are a
Global Champ
use only
if you are a
Local Champ
use only
if you are a
Waze Expert
use only
if you are a
Beta Tester
please use your
Real Edits Count
please use your
Real Number of Cones